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Thursday, December 4, 2008
Nimm'n was written, recorded, produced and mixed by Steven Levis, Michael Schendel and Nosie Katzmann at Hit Bunker and Private Area Studios. The maxi contained 4 versions : Radio Edit, Favorite Mix, Club Mix and A Cappella. A remix maxi was released with 4 other versions. It featured the raps of Erik Trinkaus. more: KDJ EURODANCE
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Clubfish - Nimm'n

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Saturday, November 29, 2008
DJ Company was introduced to the music scene in 1994, when their debut hit Hey Everybody went to #1 on the Canadian Dance Chart for 3 weeks. It was released as a CD Single and on Dance Pool Vol. 3 (a Canadian compilation), then a remixes CD was released the same year. Though they were from Germany, Canada was the only country where DJ Company became successful (that year).
Their second release was at the end of 1994, a song called Rhythm Of Love that has brought DJ Company a lot of popularity (in two different years). This song instantly became a huge success in Canada and went straight to the Top 5 (possibly #1) on the dance chart. The song also had huge staying power until about July/August of 1995. The song was released as a single and was also available on the compilation Euro Dance Pool. It ranked #27 on Billboard Charts and top 10 in Europe. more: KDJ EURODANCE
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The project featured a ragga-rapper and a female vocalist. I Dream Of You Tonight was produced by Piero Brunetti and Nico Dée, recorded at NO! Studios. A remixes 12" was released the same year. It contained 5 remixes : Deepest Dream Remix, Erotic Turntable Dreams, Original Video Mix, N-Ergized Space Frog Dreams, X-Tatic Rave Dreams and Quicky Dreams. more: KDJ EURODANCE
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Nana joins as a rapper the Eurodance project Darkness, which was produced by Bülent Aris and Toni Cottura. The song "In My Dreams" becomes a club hit, but Nana didn't feel very comfortable with the style Darkness adopted and the group separates. However, his current scene name, Darkman, originates from this time. more: WIKIPEDIA

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Twenty 4 Seven is a Eurodance and Hip House act, created by Dutch producer Ruud Van Rijen in 1989. Other members of the group were rapper Tony Dawson-Harrison (left in 1991), later replaced by Stacey Paton (Stay-C), and female vocalist Nance Coolen, later replaced by Stella. As of 2007 Twenty 4 Seven made a comeback with vocalist Elle.
The combination of male rap and female choruses was the main recipe for their success. The first single, I Can't Stand It, a collaboration with Hanks & Jacks and MC Fixx it which even contained a bit of social criticism, reached #7 on UK charts in 1990. It was followed by another single, Are You Dreaming, which reached #17, and the debut album, Street Moves. more: WIKIPEDIA

Twenty 4 Seven - We Are The World

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